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Full-Spectrum Doula & Yoga Teacher


"I took Aja's initial vinyasa yoga class 2/5. It was amazingly satisfying. It was both challenging and much so that I actually fell asleep on the savasana part. I definitely recommend 10/10. She's knowledgeable and patient and encourages you to take care of and listen to your own body."

Willie E.

"I felt understood and advocated for! At first, I didn’t know the entire meaning of a doula, but once she came over and taught me all the exercises, a lot cleared up and many of the exercises really helped me feel more comfortable throughout my pregnancy. I was very appreciative! The most amazing part was while in the birth room. The amount of support and comfort provided was absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Wish I would’ve gotten her earlier than I did because the help was truthfully worth it. When you have contractions and the breathing and console physically and emotionally are provided, you feel great! How I was advocated for after birth with helping form the proper questions was also very helpful! I would recommend her anytime! Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! Thank you Aja! ❤️"

Jeannabel R.



Hi, I'm Aja Humphries. I'm a full-spectrum doula, yoga teacher, a 2 c-sections and 1 miscarriage mom, sister, daughter, plant lover, crystal carrier, coffee and tea drinker, foodie, and a forever curious soul having a human experience. I offer support to birthing people and their families thru fertility/conception, prenatal, birth, loss and postpartum. I trained with Doula trainings international and Birthing advocacy doula trainings in 2020 and 2021 respectively. I graduated from 200-hr yoga teacher training with Chakra Flow University in May 2021.Those were my initial trainings but I'm always taking more classes. I teach vinyasa yoga, kids yoga, pre and postnatal yoga. I have 2 daughters that are that growing their own way and teaching me new lessons at every step.

 Yoga has changed my life and has been especially healing during times of transition. Besides being an activity that I can do at almost any physical stage of my life. It's brought me to meditation, in turn that led to peace of mind and mental/emotional strength. This inspired my intention to offer Pre-Natal and Post- Natal yoga to people transitioning into the wild world of Parenthood. It's proven that the best thing for a child's mental health is a self- regulated adult. I think it's important for people, parents especially, to have a physical/ tangible outlet to regulate themselves and their emotions . Yoga has been a way to de-stress and center myself while also helping me to become my best self and I really want to share that with everyone.

didn't have a doula with my births or miscarriage. To be honest I didn't even know what a doula was when I had my children. While I had a loving support team of my mom and husband, they didn't know much about birth. I strive to give the support I didn't have, present the options I didn't know existed, and be the person to cheer on families as they grow while being holistic and practical. It is my intention to support, educate, hold space, and advocate for every Birthing Person and Family that I have the honor to be present for.  I hope to bring the joy and peace of yoga to all who are interested, especially parents, like myself, who are just trying to do the best they can for their children and stay sane while doing it. I'm in your corner.

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